How to Get a Ring Size?

On this article, we will share some insights about some of the fastest and most efficient ways to get a ring finger measured for size (or any finger). Now, you may have heared about some of these, and others you may have not. Surly, you will find value in the coming paragraphs. 

If you already know your or your partner's ring size but are interested in converting to an american size - here you will find a ring size chart.

So measuring ring sizes. For women, it is pretty straight forward. You go in a jewelry store and ask for sizing. Worst case scenario, you can choose one of methods described below. Usually, men are having problems with measuring the finger, and they get it right approx - 1%! That's right! So this article is written for all men our there. 

1. Draw - get a ring of hers, a pencil and a ruler. This one is easy going, and the best posible way to get it right. 

Draw the inner perimeter of the ring, SLOWLY! | Put the ruler on the drawing, so it placed on the accurate diameter of the circle | Send that image to your jeweler. Do not just tell your jeweler the result, SHOW THEM, as the result is extremly error sensitive. 


2. Ask Her Bestie - As you know, she is probably expecting for you to pop the big question, so she has an informant waiting to be turned by you and spill that information.  

3. Ring Size Guide Page - Print this page and measure according to the instructions. Make sure you print the page by scale!

Ring Sizing Guide

4. Trick Her - Actually, this technique was used by a client of me. He took her to a jewelry store and bought her a cheap ring. After they left, he went to the "restroom", on the way stopped by the store and asked for the ring size. Smart right? 

5. Steal a Ring - and get it to your jeweler or your nearest jewelry store. Ask them to measure it for you. 

We hope this article was helpful!
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