About Diana Rafael

Back in 2015, Diana Rafael came to life. After 5 years in the diamond industry in various sales positions, close friends began asking for the first engagement rings. Daniel will always remember the first ring: It was made for a long-time close friend, a fully customized and personalized diamond and pearl engagement ring.

Even in his adolescence, Daniel was wearing silver bracelets, vintage signet rings with gems and wild mala necklaces. One can claim that shifting into jewelry making was only a natural course. Those who know Daniel will share stories about a caring people's person, one that will never leave anyone hanging, and will go the extra mile to perfect any situation.

We are very proud to have Diana Rafael reflect these values. Our mission is:


Diana Rafael aspires to interact with our clients in a simple and coherent textual framework. We know and value the 4C's. We also know that a diamond's beauty is not hidden in the certificate, but in the diamond's interaction with light.

Diamond Light Performance measures the amount of Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire, and Light Symmetry in a diamond. Light Performance enables a conversation about the diamond's visual properties, with familiar phrases.

And we know this is what you want to know.

We are Diana Rafael, welcome!

Our Diamonds

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Our Jewelry Making

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Our Values

We at Diana Rafael wish to maintain our high standard towards Diamond dealing, Jewelry design & making, and our customer relations.

We see the values below as our guidlines & beliefes.

As we are stepping into the third decade of the 21st century, the world is shifting. Every person is a unique, individual, and solid spirit, with unique needs, taste, and attitude. Your jewelry should express who you are and how you feel. Everyone has a story, a vision, a dream, a desire. We are here to RING out the best in YOU!

Every piece is a symbol: Love, self-esteem, a reminder, a memory. We acknowledge the importance of these moments for you, and so we dedicate every moment to create perfect jewelry. Every jewel is inspected numerous times during its production process by a team of specialists until it is perfect. We know that when it comes to diamond jewelry, less than perfect is not enough.

At Diana Rafael, we do not drag things to the next day. We get things done today. We will answer any inquiry immediately, take care of shipping issues without delays and most importantly, ship your item ASAP!

We at Diana Rafael know how to manufacture all types of diamond jewelry at a price you can afford. We negotiate for every diamond and we have achieved great production line efficiency. Combining these two factors decreases production time and costs, and delivers a better product for less than you will typically find in jewelry stores.

For you to buy with confidence, we ensure you only the best of everything. Our diamond suppliers are members of the WFDB and a part of the Kimberley Process. All our diamonds are conflict-free, 100% natural, earth mined diamonds.

We offer a 30-days return policy with a full refund, so you can shop with confidence. If you have received your order and find something is not to your liking, or if your jewelry needs any repair, don’t worry! We are here for any issue that may arise! Every defect found in a product will be repaired or replaced immediately and free of charge. In these cases, return shipment will be paid by us. In case we determine that the defects were not manufacturing defects, we will offer our repair services.

We at Diana Rafael aspire to be there for every customer in every joyful and meaningful moment of your lives. Your engagement ring is only the first step. We want to be there for your wedding, your firstborn child, anniversary, birthdays. We want to get to know you as much as we can and for you to get to know us.

For its entire existence, Diana Rafael has been supporting social and educational causes. Collecting donations of unused electronics to non-profit foundations, schools, and special needs students. Also, supporting our elderly community by performing renovations, house cleaning, and helping with other various needs. Luckily, our beloved friends, family, and customers are standing with us.

We love and cherish mother earth.
We aspire to donate a percentage of our profits to sustainability purposes such as ocean cleaning and tree planting.