Our Company

Why DianaRafael.com – Diana Rafael is a leading diamond jewelry brand by Amadea Diamonds Ltd.

Because we are a family, and a family is for life - We made is a goal to make every client feel as if he/she are a part of our family.

Because of the experience - As a fact, our products are top-of-the-line quality products which are manufactured in-house by specialists with over 150 years of combined experience. Therefore, our goal is to make every customer feel and know that we are with you 100%.

Because our warranty and guaranty are for life - We offer lifetime warranty and guarantee. We will respond immediately to any request, whether it is a price quote or a return request. You can contact us 24/7 via every telecommunication option you know.

Because of the price - Diana Rafael purchases its diamonds in groups of hundreds of carats, therefore enjoys the low price that eventually reflects on our jewelry prices. We work with worldwide suppliers, so we can get the best price for any type of diamond.

Because of the designs - Diana hires the cutting-edge designers for delivering newest trends to our customers.

Because you will be happy and satisfied – we mean by everything: the service, the experience, the diamond, the love you will get, the package, the jewelry box and especially, when you hear the YES.


Our Story – The people behind Diana Rafael are designers, diamenteers and jewelers. All came together, combining their skills, knowledge and business connections to create a jewelry company that has it all and more importantly, addresses all types of people. We have diamonds you can afford, jewelry crafted to perfection in our own factory. We have offices is Israel and the United States, so we can better address any situation that may arise.

The story, our story, is a one of growing up. Each one of us has gathered skills and knowledge in our different jobs. But we all had that feeling that someday, we will have a thing that is totally ours. We wanted to create by our own rules, which means no rules. We wanted to have the freedom to fix all the flaws we saw in this industry, service, and product wise. We wanted to let people understand that although diamonds are considered expensive, it is not out of reach. So, we went on this journey together and built Diana Rafael. What you see here is only the beginning. We have plans for unprecedented technology that can make the best out of any gold alloy.


We welcome you to our family!


Values - These are our beliefs and our goals


Value for Money- We at Diana Rafael know how to manufacture a diamond ring, pendant, stud earrings, and all other diamond jewelry at a price you can afford. We negotiate hard for every diamond and we have achieved great production line efficiency.   Combining these two factors decreases production costs, increases production time and quality and delivering a better product for less than you will typically find on the market or any store.

Trust – For you to buy with confidence, we ensured you only the best of everything. Our diamond suppliers are members of the WFDB and a part of the Kimberly Process. All our diamonds are conflict free, 100% natural, earth mined diamonds. Also, you can pay by any means we offer for your peace of mind.

Lifetime Warranty -  If you have got your purchase and you find something is not to your liking, or a while after you purchased something happened, don’t worry! We are here for any issue that may arise! Every jewel/diamond that has defects will be repaired or replaced free of charge. In these cases, return shipment will be paid by us. In case we determine that the defects were not manufactured defects, we will offer you our repair services.

Speed and time- At Diana Rafael, we do not drag things to the next day. We get things done today. We will answer any inquiry immediately, take care of shipping issues without delays and most importantly, ship your item ASAP!

Peace of Mind - We offer 30-days return policy with a full refund, so you can shop with confidence and make sure you like what it is you have bought. In addition, all shipments are fully insured. You can check our Shipping policy.

Quality- Every jewelry in being inspected 3-5 times during its production process by a team of specialists until it is perfect. We know that when it comes to diamond jewelry, less than perfect is not enough.