Q: Are Clarity Enhanced diamonds are real, natural, earth mined diamonds?
A: All Clarity Enhanced are natural, earth mined diamonds. Because these diamonds can often crack (like a windshield) and/or be mined to early, we apply scientific approach to enhance the diamond's color and/or clarity. You should also make sure you get a certificate of authenticity and appraisal value with your diamond!

Q: HPHT diamonds are manmade diamonds?
A: There are 2 types of HPHT processes. The first applies on natural-diamonds and uses to enhance the diamond's color. The second uses for creating non-natural diamonds in a lab. The certificate of authenticity should always mention the type of process the diamond has endured and whether it is earth-mined diamond or lab created

 Q: Can I custom design a jewelry?
A: Of course. We are up to any challenge because we admire what we do. Designing a jewelry to the satisfaction of a client is tricky business. One must get to know his client exceptionally well to know his likes and dislikes. That is our philosophy: each client is a friend. We pay special attention to details while we ask specific questions to help us design the perfect and desirable piece. 

Once we understood how you like your diamond jewelry to look, we will create a 3D model on the computer for your impression and notes. Only after you have approved, we will continue with the manufacture process. 

Q: How can I know my ring size?
A: It's simple. Google "find my ring size" and you will have it in no time. You can also visit every one of our Diamond Rings, there you will find a link to help you get to know your ring size.

You can also use a thread and surround your finger. Then, measure its length with a ruler and let us know what you came up with.

Q: What is covered by your lifetime warranty?
A: All services are included: resizing, polishing, prong tightening etc. You can contact our customer care and we will assist you. All services are free of charge and for life. You can also refer to our Lifetime Warranty page.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: We can reach all over the world apart from countries that the carrier would not enter. 

Q: What is the upside with purchasing Clarity Enhanced diamonds?
A: This an answer with several aspects 
1. Price – the average price of a CE diamond is roughly 50% off a non-treated diamond with the same characteristics. 
2. Diamond Size – With your budget you can purchase a much larger CE diamond than a non-treated diamond or get a higher total carat weight. 
3. Peace of Mind – CE diamonds are natural earth mined diamonds. This item is the answer to all of you who seeks to get the best value for your investment. That is why CE diamonds are the top selling product in the jewelry industry. Customers from all over the world demand this item and the demand has been and still is increasing over the last 20 years.