Our services include: resizing, polishing, prong tightening etc. You can refer to our Jewelry Care Program page.

You can also contact our customer care for further questions. 

Returns and exchanges

Returnes and exchanges will be accepted within 30 days from the delivery date. You can refer to our Diamond Jewelry Warranty page.

You can also contact our customer care for further questions. 

Custom designed items are not eligible for a refund and/or returns.

Replacements and exchanges can be made occasionally (depending on the specific reasoning and circumstances). The customer must notify Diana Rafael of his/her will to replace/exchange the item within 14 days of delivery and ask for Diana Rafael's consent.

Diana Rafael will determine for any particular item if it can be replaced/exchanged and will notify the customer.


We do ship worldwide. however, there are some countries our courier does not enter.

We do not ship to P.O boxes.

Please note that some international shipments may be liable for additional customs fees and taxes. In all cases, we will issue the necessary paperwork to ensure the parcel is cleared from customs, although any additional charge will be the buyer's responsibility.

All orders apart from custom designed products will be shipped within 5-7 business days.

Once it ships, your parcel should arrive within 3-6 business days.

Yes we do! Feel free to contact us for any packaging or gifting requests and we will be happy to help.


We do have seasonal sales and special offers throughout the year.

Our subscribers also receive individual offers on anniversaries and birthdays.

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We accept all types of credit cards. You can also choose to pay with PayPal. Feel free to contact us for more payment options.

We at Diana Rafael want you to feel comfortable with every step towards your dream jewelry. that is why we came up with an extra flexible layaway plan: you set the number of payments and the amount of each one.

We offer layaway out of the understanding that you probably wish to complete the payment and receive your jewelry as soon as possible.


White gold is a result of a mixture of few metals such as Palladium, Nickle, Silver & Rhodium.

Rose gold is a mixture of 24K gold and copper.

You can engrave a short personal message, add a small gemstone on the inner or outer part of your item, change gold colors, and more.

Essentially, as we are a custom-design oriented company, we can practically personalize whatever you desire.

Of course. We enjoy our work so much that we are up to any challenge! Designing jewelry to the absolute satisfaction of a client is a personal process. We must get to know our clients well to know their likes and dislikes.

That is our philosophy: each client is a friend.

We pay special attention to details while we ask specific questions so your answers can help us design your desirable piece.

Once we understand what your perfect piece looks like, we will create a 3D model for your impression and notes. Only after you completely approve the design, we will continue with the manufacturing process. 

Visit our Custom Designed Jewelry page to learn about the process.

Visit our "How to Get a Ring Size" page where you will find multiple ways we believe will be efficient and useful.

You can also contact us for further questions.


Diana Rafael focuses on natural diamonds as we believe they will continue to hold value for the near and far future. Diamonds that were created by the earth and mined from it are the real deal.

Man-made / lab-grown diamonds will be displayed on the website occasionally. Every piece set with man-made diamonds will display this information very clearly. Every man-made diamond will have physical markings on it to differ it from natural diamonds.

Diana Rafael uses the services of some appraisal institutes. Every institute was carefully inspected and chosen for their high standards.

CGL: http://www.cgl-labs.com/

GIL: www.gil-lab.com/

GIA: www.gia.edu

EGL: http://www.egl-platinum.com/

Today (the year 2020), there are 2 types of diamonds in the world: Natural diamonds (AKA earth-mined diamonds), and man-made diamonds (AKA lab-grown diamonds).

Both these types are evaluated with the 4 C's, and therefore evaluated for their color and clarity.

As all types of diamonds (and gems) have a clarity grade, all these types of gems are suitable for Enhancement.

So whether a diamond's color/clarity was enhanced is unlinked to how this particular gem was created (artificial/natural causes).

For any type of diamond, we apply a scientific approach to enhance the diamond's clarity. These approaches include 2 main methods: Fracture Filling and Laser Drilling.

There are two types of HPHT processes. The first applies to natural-diamonds and uses to enhance the diamond's color. The second process is used for creating lab-grown diamonds. The certificate of authenticity should always mention the type of process that was practiced on the diamond and whether it is earth-mined or a lab-grown diamond.

This an answer with several aspects:

1. Price – the average price of a CE (clarity enhanced) diamond is roughly 50% off a non-enhanced diamond with the same characteristics.

2. Diamond Size – You can purchase a much larger CE diamond than a non-enhanced diamond or get a higher total carat weight for any given budget.

3. Peace of Mind – CE diamonds are natural earth mined diamonds. This item is the answer to everyone seeking to get the best value for this kind of financial investment. That is why CE diamonds are the top selling product in the jewelry industry. Customers from all over the world demand this item and the demand has been and still is increasing over the last 20 years.