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Modeling and Rendering

Diana Rafael is a technology-oriented company that offers a wide verity of services to the jewelry industry. In recent years, we discovered the growing demand for professional modeling and rendering services in the industry. Clients have become more demanding when they order a jewelry. They are requesting designers to make them a real, live simulation of the piece. If one can illustrate the jewelry on the body, even better. And so, companies and designers have been offering their customers the chance to observe the jewelry before it is manufactured in reality, thus making small adjustments a viable option along with a sense of perfection and professionalism.


Diana Rafael, a diamond jewelry hut based in TLV and NYC, has developed a unique method that allows ultra-fast production of 3d modeling, 100% ready for manufacturing and high-resolution, sharp and colorful jewelry renderings. 


Now, you can show your customers how their jewelry will look like, in just 48 hours and minimize error margin, by saving a great deal of money.

If you have your online website and up until now, to exhibit a new item on the online store you had to design it, print it, cast it, clean the gold cast, set the stones, cleaning, and polishing, picturing and photoshop each photo, imagine how much money you could invest in growing your business. All that cost can be saved and instead, you can get 3-4 items, all with photos and videos to offer on your website!