For the World

As Diana Rafael grows we wanted to bring our personality as a team to the table, not only in our jewelry and customer service.
There is a specific common ground to our team here, our love for mother earth.

We all grew up by the Israeli coastline, with a deep connection to the sound of the waves, the warmth of the dusk waters, and the refreshing sensation of a morning dive.

We are also horrified to see the expanding damage caused by modern industry and culture.
Giving back to the planet was a top priority from day one, and so, aside from our out of office activities such as beach cleaning on weekends, we began making our jewelry with recycled gold in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

Another aspect of our environmental and sustainability efforts is our use of clarity enhanced diamonds as the main product. We believe CE diamonds are the most ethical choice since anyone of our jewelry could have had a different diamond, meaning the enhanced diamond was less likely to be used. By entering CE diamonds into the cycle, we believe we contribute to efforts being made to reduce the environmental impact of diamond mining around the world.