Cleaning The Oceans

As Diana Rafael makes its way in the world, we wanted to bring who we are, not only in our designs and customer service. There is a specific common grounds to our team here, OUR LOVE FOR THE OCEANS. All of us grew up by the Israeli coast line, enjoying the sound of the waves, wormth of the dusk waters,the freshness of a morning dive. An unparallarl excitment tickeled its way to our bodies and sould with every beach day. We are also horrified to see the growth of the Plastic Island, highly disturbed with every news about a dying whale, an oil-carrier that broke, a reef destroyed by cans and plastic bags. We have always wanted to give out fair share back to the planet. Finally we have our chance to do it properly: As of December 2019, Diana Rafael Jewelry is PROUD to announce our new program - Cleaning The Oceans! There are wonderful organizations out there, such as and WITH EVERY JEWELRY SOLD, DIANA RAFAEL WILL BUY 1 BRACELET THAT WILL CLEAN 1 POUND OF TRASH FROM THE OCEANS! If you will buy any jewelry from us, we will buy that bracelet and have it shipped to you! We hope to buy 2000 bracelets the first year!