Why Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are the Answer

The advent of technology has made clarity-enhanced diamonds increasingly popular in recent years. More and more people have become quite interested in it. The clarity of these diamonds is enhanced by the use of two ways: laser drilling and fracture filling. In laser drilling, a laser is used to burn out and remove the diamond’s flaws. In this process, tunnels are created. Fracture filling is making these tunnels and some other inclusions in the diamond less visible with the use of a highly-durable, crystal-like substance.

Why clarity-enhanced diamonds, you might ask. Here are the answers to this question:




The most obvious advantage of clarity-enhanced diamonds lies in its cost and the value for the money you spend. If you are thinking of purchasing a larger diamond of good quality, higher color, and carat weight, clarity-enhanced diamonds are the way to go. You are getting the real thing; these are naturally-mined diamonds. But because these diamonds have only begun to become popular in recent years, and their initial clarity grade is upgraded, they tend to cost less. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are a great option if you are looking to get a diamond of a bigger size at a lower amount. In most cases, diamonds that have been treated to enhance the clarity cost about 40% to 60% less than their untreated counterparts.




The process that these diamonds undergo for their clarity to be enhanced is a long and thorough one, which is why the appearance of the product is significantly improved. A stone may have some flaws that are quite noticeable and prominent before the treatment – in clarity grade terms it's I1-I2. But after the process, it will look extremely clean and attractive. To a naked eye, any imperfection that a clarity-enhanced diamond might have would be invisible. Considering the improved appearance of clarity-enhanced diamonds compared to untreated ones, plus the fact that they are sold at a much better price, they are definitely the better choice.


These are real diamonds!


Many people have been wondering whether clarity-enhanced diamonds are real. They have been compared to other options that are cheaper such as Swarovski crystals, synthetics diamonds, and cubic zirconia. But these comparisons are nonsense. Clarity enhanced diamonds are real, natural, mined diamonds. The only difference is that clarity-enhanced diamonds have undergone treatment processes, which are done to improve the diamond’s appearance.


Great Investment


The popularity of clarity-enhanced diamonds has been increasing significantly in recent years. At the moment, they are an affordable diamond option, but given the attention these diamonds have been getting, t would then be a great idea to invest in them now while they are affordable and benefit from the investment later.


Diamonds never go out of style. They can go with anything. Not only are they extremely attractive, but they are also durable and are proven to last. It’s everyone’s dream to own one. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are the answer. They are not as expensive as untreated diamonds. In addition, the treatment process makes them look more attractive. As these are real diamonds, they can be great investments too, especially that they are have been getting increasingly popular.

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