Diamond Light Performance features

What do girls wants? YES! SPARKLE, FIRE and BRILLIANCE! 
Diamond light performance consists of 3 features: Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Light Symmetry!
Brilliance - the intense white light that radiates from a diamond. Brilliance is the appearance of a diamond when it is not moving. Light comes in through the table, hits one facet, then turns to the parallel facet, up to the table, and out. This happens as long as the diamond is cut to its ideal proportions. However, when it is not, the light will escape.
Sparkle - "white flashes of light an observer sees when a diamond moves". In other words, the scintillating effect you see when light bounces off a contrasted plateau. When a light beam enters a diamond, the diamond will refract the light beam to all spectral colors.
Fire - will occur when the diamond, the viewer, or the light source moves, causing the light to bend and refract. You will then witness the vivid and flashy flares of colors. It is most appealing under natural sunlight.

ASET scope - the light return map of a diamond

*this is an ASET view of a diamond. More on that, in the next article

From this article, we learned about what defines a diamond as “light performing.” We will explore further as we move along with this series of articles.