Clarity Enhanced Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts


Clarity enhanced diamonds are an increasingly appealing option for jewelry buyers. These diamonds are called enhanced because they have been subjected to mechanical or chemical processes that remove inclusions (impurities within the diamond) and blemishes (impurities on the surface of the diamond), thereby improving the stone’s clarity. For this reason, a budget-conscious buyer would end up spending less for a visibly superior product.


If you are interested in buying a clarity enhanced diamond, here are a few tips that you may want to keep in mind:


  • Do buy from a vendor that you trust. When buying a clarity enhanced diamond, be sure to buy from a vendor that you trust. This advice holds true for any kind of purchase, but even more so when procuring items of great value. The trustworthiness of your preferred vendor is especially relevant in the case of clarity enhanced diamonds because you will want to know what kind of enhancement processes your preferred piece of jewelry has been subjected to. This will have an impact on the maintenance methods that will be appropriate for your purchased item. Usually, a clarity enhanced diamond is supplied with a lifetime warranty.


  • Do tell your jeweler that your diamond is enhanced. Whenever you take your clarity enhanced diamond for maintenance, tell your jeweler about the enhancement process that your item underwent, so that your jeweler can take care to apply the appropriate cleansing agent or maintenance method. In the case of diamonds enhanced by fracture filling, the filling can be eroded when exposed to acids, for example, or repair processes involving heat. This is one of the reasons a lifetime warranty on your clarity-enhanced diamond is crucial.


  • Do not use acidic cleaning agents. You may opt to clean your clarity enhanced diamond jewelry by yourself using commercially available jewelry cleaning products. The previous rule about acids apply. If your enhanced diamond has undergone fracture filling, avoid exposing it to acids. Choose a jewelry cleaner that does not contain ammonia. Alternately, you can simply clean your piece of jewelry using soap and water.


  • Do ask questions! If you have other questions or concerns about clarity enhanced diamonds, feel free to ask! Any respectable jewelry vendor should be able to accommodate the queries of its customers. Here at Diana Rafael, you can contact our customer care team by using the live chat app that is accessible wherever you may be on our website. Just type in your message and our representatives will reply to your message right away.


Clarity enhanced diamonds are an excellent option for the discerning buyer. They have excellent quality. They are affordable. And best of all, they are genuine, natural diamonds that are certified by almost any gemological institute.

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