3 Carats Round  Diamond Engagement Ring
3 Carats Round  Diamond Engagement Ring
3 Carats Round  Diamond Engagement Ring
3 Carats Round  Diamond Engagement Ring
3 Carats Round  Diamond Engagement Ring
3 Carats Round  Diamond Engagement Ring
3 Carats Round  Diamond Engagement Ring
3 Carats Round  Diamond Engagement Ring
3 Carats Round  Diamond Engagement Ring

3 Carats Round Diamond Engagement Ring

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Diana Rafael focuses on top Light-Performing diamonds to make your Side Stones ring as brilliant as can be.

The 2.72 carat Round main diamond is optimally cut and polished to reflect & refract light so your jewelry will possess the most sparkling, luxurious look.

With a total diamond weight of 3 carats set in a 14K / 18K Yellow gold ring designed to perfect comfort, this alluring design is a perpetual symbol of your love and commitment.

Jewelry Details

Main Diamond

Accent Diamonds

Total Carat Weight: 3 cts

Gold KT: 14K / 18K

Gold Color: Yellow

Size: Resizable

Certificate: GIL

Shape: Round

Weight: 2.72 cts

Color: F

Clarity: SI1

Natural Earth-Mined Diamond

Shape: Round

Weight: 0.28 cts

Color: F

Clarity: VS-SI

Natural Earth-Mined Diamonds

On this article, we will share some insights about some of the fastest and most efficient ways to get a ring finger measured for size (or any finger). Now, you ,ay have heared about some of these, and others you may have not. Surly, you will find value in the coming paragraphs. 

So measuring ring sizes. For women, it is pretty straight forward. You go in a jewelry store and ask for sizing. Worst case scenario, you can choose one of methods described below. Usually, men are having problems with measuring the finger, and they get it right approx - 1%! That's right! So this article is written for all men our there. 

1. DRAW - get a ring of hers, a pencil and a ruler. This one is easy going, and the best posible way to get it right. 

Draw the inner perimeter of the ring, SLOWLY! | Put the ruler on the drawing, so it placed on the accurate diameter of the circle | Send that image to your jeweler. Do not just tell your jeweler the result, SHOW THEM, as the result is extremly error sensitive. 


2. ASK HER BESTIE - As you know, she is probably expecting for you to pop the big question, so she has an informant waiting to be turned by you and spill that information.  

3. GET THIS PAGE - and go by the instructions. ONE THING TO REMEMBER, print this page by scale! 

Ring Sizing Guide

4. TRICK HER - Actually, this technique was used by a client of me. He took her to a jewelry store and bought her a cheap ring. After they left, he went to the "restroom", on the way stopped by the store and asked for the ring size. Smart right? 

5. STEAL A RING - and get it to your jeweler or your nearest jewelry store. Ask them to measure it for you. 

We hope this article was helpful!
Use our contact form for further questions

Q: Are the diamonds natural, earth-mined diamonds or man-made / lab-grown diamonds?

A: Diana Rafael focuses on natural diamonds as we believe they will continue to hold value for the near and far future. Diamonds that created by the earth and mined from it are the real deal. 

Man-made / lab-grown diamonds will be displayed on the website occasionally. Evet piece set with man-made diamonds will display this information clearly. Every man made diamond will have physical markings on it to differ it fro natural diamonds. 

Q: What does the certificate you are using include? Does it have an appraisal value? 

A: Diana Rafael uses the services of some appraisal institutes. Every institute was carefuly inspected and chosed for their high standarts. 

CGL: http://www.cgl-labs.com/

GIL: www.gil-lab.com/

GIA: www.gia.edu

EGL: http://www.egl-platinum.com/

Q: I am alirgic to some metals such as Nickle. What metals are integrated to your gold alloys?

A: White gold gets his color by a compound of few metals such as Paladium, Nickle, Silver, Rhodium. 

Rose gold is a mixture of 24K gold and copper. 

Q: Do you offer layaway plan? 

A: The way our payment plans work is, you set the number of payments and the amount of each one. We do not have strict rules about that. We accept payments ous of the understanding that you probably wish to get it done asap and get your ring. So whenever you can make a payment, just let me know and we will set up a listing for that specific payment. After the first payment is made, I will start making your ring and when the final is made, your piece will be shipped.

Q: What personalization options do we have?

A: You can engrave a personal message, add a small gemstone on the inner or outer part of your item, change gold colors and more. Esentially, as we custom-design every item, you can practically do whatever you so desire. 

Q: Can my jewelry be custom designed?
A: Of course. We enjoy our work so much so we are up to any challenge! Designing jewelry to the absolute satisfaction of a client is a personal process. We must get to know our client well to know their likes and dislikes. That is our philosophy: each client is a friend. We pay special attention to details while we ask specific questions to help us design your desirable piece. 

Once we understand what your perfect piece looks like, we will create a 3D model for your impression and notes. Only after you completely approve the design, we will continue with the manufacturing process. 



 באנר R262 ב-3 תצוגות


Q: How can I know my ring size?
A: It's simple. Google "find my ring size" and you will have it in no time. You can also visit every one of our Diamond Rings, there you will find a link to help you get to know your ring size.


Q: What is covered by your lifetime warranty?
A: All services are included: resizing, polishing, prong tightening etc. You can contact our customer care and we will assist you. All services are free of charge and for life. You can also refer to our Lifetime Warranty page.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: We accept all types of credit cards. You can also choose to pay with PayPal. Feel free to contact us for more payment options.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: We can reach all over the world apart from countries that the carrier would not enter. 

Q: Are Clarity Enhanced diamonds are real, natural, earth mined diamonds?

A: All Clarity Enhanced are natural, earth mined diamonds. Because these diamonds can often crack (like a windshield) and/or be mined to early, we apply scientific approach to enhance the diamond's color and/or clarity. You should also make sure you get a certificate of authenticity and appraisal value with your diamond!

Q: Are HPHT diamonds manmade diamonds?
A: There are 2 types of HPHT processes. The first applies on natural-diamonds and uses to enhance the diamond's color. The second uses for creating non-natural diamonds in a lab. The certificate of authenticity should always mention the type of process the diamond has endured and whether it is earth-mined diamond or lab created

Q: What is the upside with purchasing Clarity Enhanced diamonds?
A: This an answer with several aspects 
1. Price – the average price of a CE diamond is roughly 50% off a non-treated diamond with the same characteristics. 
2. Diamond Size – With your budget you can purchase a much larger CE diamond than a non-treated diamond or get a higher total carat weight. 
3. Peace of Mind – CE diamonds are natural earth mined diamonds. This item is the answer to all of you who seeks to get the best value for your investment. That is why CE diamonds are the top selling product in the jewelry industry. Customers from all over the world demand this item and the demand has been and still is increasing over the last 20 years.

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