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About Us

Diana Rafael specializes in making custom designs, premium diamond jewelry. Along with the classic pendants, earrings, bracelets, and diamond ring designs we have to offer, our designers will listen, learn and understand your desires, wishes and style so we can go, together, on a quest for your own unique piece.


Diana's team includes jewelry designers inspired by the top jewelry brands in the world, support team, tech team, diamond negotiators and jewelers spread over 3 continents. We craft and make our jewelry in our own factory/workshop and give every piece our full attention.

So, without further ado, meet our team


Daniel – Jewelry designer and head of business development at Diana. Daniel has been dealing with clients longer than he is dealing with diamonds, which is almost 10 years. Daniel began marching on the diamond/jewelry path making Clarity Enhancement process in the lab. Then, his potential was noticed, and he started buying and selling diamonds. From this point, the way to serving the private sector as a jeweler was natural.

To contact Daniel directly :

"Creating jewelry and relationships is what I do best"


Jordan – Head of Tech department. Jordan is all about technology. Since his adolescence as a DJ one can see his natural orientation to achieve perfection with the power of technology. Jordan oversees all of Diana's online operation and strategy, and bringing in the high-end tech equipment to our factory.

To contact Jordan directly :

"Better technology makes a better life."


Tom - Head of Customer Care service and support team. Tom was recruited after showing outstanding performance as a service provider to both business and private community. His emotional intellect combined with his experience working with people around the world gives him the edge needed to make any interaction with him, and therefore with his staff, pleasant, fun and a productive one.

To contact Tom directly :

"I love understanding people, it helps me know myself better"


Neta - of a well-known jeweler's family. Since she was a kid she was running all over her family's factory because "it is more fun than the playground", wearing her mother's jewelry and giving her father new collection concepts. She studied jewelry design, and keep on learning and amplifying techniques to get you excited every time.

To contact Neta directly :

"What turns me on about jewelry, is that every culture has its own. It's like music, it tells a story”