How to Choose Diamond Jewelry

Choosing Your Jewelry

Choosing a diamond jewelry can be compared to selecting a life partner, and must be done with absolute care. It’ no news that many men labor over the task of choosing the best ring proposal; however, if you take the right approach, this will turn out to be a fun and enjoyable process. 

If you want to choose quality jewelry, then you need to be informed about diamonds. One of the crucial features of diamonds you need to know about is the 4Cs, once you know these feature well, choosing diamond jewelry will be fun and enjoyable. 

If you want to choose quality jewelry, then you need to be informed about diamonds. However, don’t think you have a full understanding of the 4 Cs after doing some hours of research or witness a 5 minutes presentation from a jewelry store.  

Also, don’t think you can choose a fine diamond jewelry just by looking at its certificate. The following are specific features you need to watch out for before selecting a diamond jewelry. 

The 4Cs feature of Diamond Jewelry

Before you select a particular diamond jewelry, then you need to have some basic understanding of the 4Cs which are:

  1. Cut 
  2. Carat 
  3. Color
  4. Clarity

The basic definitions of the 4Cs are quite straightforward and precise, and they are discussed below 


The cut of diamond jewelry is the most crucial factor which determines the beauty of the diamond. Therefore, the better the cut, the more brilliant and sparkle the diamond will be. If a diamond is cut too shallow or too deep, the light entering through the diamond will escape through it. Therefore, when a diamond is cut improperly, it looks and lacks life. 


The carat size and weight are the first things to cross the mind whenever people talk about fine diamond jewelry. Therefore, you need to know the carat weight and size of a high-quality diamond before you can make a wise choice. 


The clarity of a diamond depends on the collective effect of inclusions and blemishes on it. The lesser the imperfections of a diamond, the higher it's clarity grade. 


The color of a diamond is important. Colorless diamond jewelry is the most expensive because they are rare and are in high demand in the market. However, you don’t have to get too hung up on color because it is often a matter of personal tastes and preference.

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